Patient FAQs

How do I know if I am eligible?

When applying through the American Dental Finance program, you must have a minimum credit score of 620. To determine you are eligible to apply, you will be asked to provide your full name, current address and the last four digits of your social security number. This a ‘soft pull’ on your credit report and will not impact your credit rating. If you are eligible, you will complete the full application that will prompt a ‘hard pull’ on your credit report. You will receive a real-time decision within 60 seconds.

How do I apply?

It’s quick and easy directly from your provider’s office or from the convenience of your own home. The user-friendly application and signing process is secure and takes about 5 minutes. To access the application from home, go to and enter the Provider Log-in code given to you by your provider. Another option is to complete a paper application and drop it off at your provider’s office.

What are the loan terms?

The program offers a $99 a month payment for orthodontic treatment plans up to $6,000 and an incrementally higher monthly repayment amount for plans that exceed $6,000. The credit limit is dependent on your FICO score. The minimum loan amount is $750 with a maximum amount of $15,000. The interest rate and loan term are dependent on the loan amount. There is no money down required and no prepayment penalties. Also available is a 6-month same as cash option.

What is the 6-month same as cash option?

Your Installment Contract for your procedure may be paid in full at any time within the Promotional Period indicated on the contract from the date of disbursement (“Promotional Period”) and upon payment in full of the promotional balance within the specified period – any accrued finance charges will not be charged to your account. Regular monthly payments in the amount shown on your contract will be due on the monthly date during the Promotional Period in accordance with the payment schedule shown on your contract. However, larger payments may be made at any time to pay the promotional balance in full before the end of the Promotional Period. If you do not pay the promotional balance in full within the Promotional Period or if you fail to make all regularly scheduled payments during the Promotional Period in full and on time, then the accrued finance charges will be charged to your account.

How do I make payments?

Your payments will begin 30 days from the date you sign the loan documents. You will have a choice of paying by ACH (automatic withdrawal from your bank account), debit/credit card or by check. You will have access to an online customer portal where you can make payments and manage your account.